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domain change (i.e. blog update)

September 22, 2007

My blog has moved, hopefully for the last time! I migrated over to for good. Previously it was just pointing there, but still sitting pretty at Now I’m finally hosting it myself where it can run free … and wait for me to figure out what the heck I’m doing. Hehe…this will be oodles of fun!

Anyway, this means the RSS feed for my posts (if you’ve been following one) is here now, and be sure to update any bookmarks/links to Consider yourself informed!

Let the blogging adventures … continue!


iPhone confession…

August 11, 2007


Yes, it’s true. I have an iPhone.

While the Apple community has been drooling over them since their announcement this past January (and the rest of the world seems happy to poke fun), I never imagined that I would own one so soon … funny how things happen. The stars seemed to be aligned, and it actually made some sort of sense. Here’s why I went from thinking “maybe someday” to purchasing:

  • Cingular
    I’m already a Cingular customer. There was no contract cost in activating the new phone, and I’ve been mostly happy with their service. Two more years with them is business as usual.
  • Mac Groupie
    Since September of 2004, I’ve pretty much operated my life, design and now school work through my Powerbook. This phone and syncing capabilities take my contacts, calendar, and music with me. That makes my life more seamless and is better than the best paper planner I’ve yet to find (and I’ve been obsessed with looking, believe me).
  • Google Maps
    This is what pushed me over the edge to seriously start considering purchasing. My friends with Blackberrys give a “Humph!” at this point, as they’ve had Google on their devices for a few years, but from what I’ve seen, the interface is hardly as seamless as the iPhone (sorry guys).

    Also, while I have a decent sense of direction, I still manage to get lost … a lot. Further, I was hours away leaving on the road trip around California when Ipp showed me his. The ability to have google maps answered a nagging question of logistics… Such a broad road trip sounded great in theory, but how do you actually find the aquarium in Monterey, the ghost town of Bodie, and Matt’s house in Vegas? Google maps!

  • Impulse
    I’d be lying if I didn’t list this. I really, really, really wanted one!
  • Bargaining
    With my birthday approaching by parents graciously chipped in a good chunk. In addition, I was able to meet some of my friends technology needs and sell my iPod nano and Motorola Razor at prices good for all of us. These made the phone’s cost come down about 75%.

At this point it was a no-brainer. I walked in to the Apple store in Pasadena Saturday, July 30th, an Apple crew member rung me up on a portable register off to the side of the store. I suddenly had a 4GB iPhone.

In short: I love it. While it doesn’t do the vacuuming or the dishes, I’ve very happy with it. A month out, here are some thoughts on what I love and what I don’t:


  • The cool factor
    I don’t need to elaborate.
  • Touch screen
    I love this. I didn’t know how I’d like it, but a after a few days of use, I started touching all my other electronics, like the screen on my Canon 30D, expecting to be able to navigate menus. Not so much…
  • iPod + phone
    I can go to a coffee shop to get some work done, put on my music and not worry about missing a call. The song pauses and I can switch over to answer it. When I’m done and hang up (all with a clever button on the wire of the earphones), the music picks back up.
  • Camera
    Not the best quality, but I don’t have to take my little beat up Canon Elph with me now to capture those candid shots when the 30D is too bulky and/or socially awkward to tote around.
  • Email
    I love being able to check email quickly on the iPhone without opening my laptop. I avoid getting seduced into all other sorts of time-sucking distractions like Facebook, RSS feeds, older emails, writing long blog posts (like this one), etc.
  • The mix of form and function
    There are so many quirks I love, it’s hard to list them all. For example, the text message screen that looks like an IM conversation. This makes it natural and easier for the back and forth texting with friends without digging for the last message. Or the sensor that flips the screen orientation of web pages and music horizontally or vertically depending on how you’re holding the phone. Crazy! Or, how about the visual voicemail so you can catch your clients voicemail before blockbuster reminder that “some items” are overdue?
    A little less than like:

  • The cool factor
    Basically the flip side of why I love it so much … it’s a bit embarrassing to have one. For example, in class the week after I got back from the road trip, there were several snide comments from fellow peers about consumers lining up for an iPhone. That’s me, I’m a consumer. While I smirked inwardly about avoiding the line, I was hesitant to bring it out my phone in plain view during the rest of that class and announce I am one of the statistics.
    I’m also a bit paranoid about it disappearing, which makes me feel tied to it. It’s a piece of equipment! I don’t like the feeling it’s going to end up owning me.
  • Phone quality
    While it’s still good, it’s not the best sound quality, I think my razor was better. Also, the glorified headphones/headset don’t always work the best.
  • Size
    I miss the size of the razor that slipped into my back pocket. While my guy friends can slip their iPhones into their cargo shorts, the thing looks like a brick in my pocket. Not cool. It’s relegated to hang out in my purse now and I don’t catch calls when it’s on vibrate.
  • Case
    I’m not too happy with the InCase cover I have. When I go to the beach, sand gets between the phone and the plastic leading to scrapping. I’m constantly cleaning it out, along with cleaning the screen. I also can’t use the dock with it. I’ve seen these plastic film covers which are kinda cool, or this wrap thing… Huh.
  • Charge
    I need to charge the phone daily, which much more than my razor and also an inconvenience as I don’t have a car charger. $20 could change that I guess…
  • Text messages
    I can only send a text message to one person at a time, which makes it hard to round up a group. I’m actually really surprised something this basic is missing.
  • Functionality leads to “Oops”
    A misplaced finger on someone’s name means you’re calling them … right now. Quick! End call! Doh!

Overall, the “loves” outweigh the “less than like” quirks hands down and I’m very happy with the phone! Sorry for the epic post, I don’t like to do this very often. Thoughts? Questions? Considerations?

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this video that left me physically wincing yet somehow laughing as well … will it blend? Ohh my…