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Summer is upon us!

June 13, 2007

Finals are over! But now my victory lap (err…time on the couch and at the beach ) is over, I’ve hit the ground running again. Summer hardly means slowing down …


found type

chair highlights

New Camera!
I ate my lunch today on the balcony outside my apartment waiting for the UPS man. My new Canon 30D was coming, and if I didn’t sign for it, they weren’t going to leave it. My roommate was asking what the chances were he’d actually come while I was standing there. “Pretty good, I think.” My instinct was on and within 5 minutes the UPS man came around the corner. I was doing something between dancing and jumping, which made him smile, “Kristin?” he asked. Oh yes!

I took it out for test shots today, and hoped I haven’t traumatized my friends by trying out the multiple shots-per-second feature on them. More pics are here.

CIVA conference
The impetus for the above purchase, I’ll be flying to Philadelphia and taking the train to Harrisburg, PA on Thursday for the biennial Christians in the Visual Arts conference. The theme this time is “Transformed Spaces” and there’s an architecture/design track that caught my eye. I’m pretty excited to hang out with other artists and designers with a faith perspective. I’ll no doubt be blogging on it and taking tons of pictures. I’ll try to edit for your benefit.

Miners Club
This is the film group I’ve been part of. We’re taking steps to wrap up the post-production and distribution of our shorts. Look for a You Tube link soon!

In addition, summer school will start the following Monday; I need to finalize my class load and start thinking about books.

My part time work with Avant Ministries continues on with a range of interesting projects to keep me busy. I’m pretty amazed to think about what I’ve been able to get out over the past year: Urbana display, 32 page magazine, There is No Time book design (cover and inside), and now a complete revision on their print materials. Whew!

Summer vay-cay
I’m taking two weeks off from both school and working the beginning of July to travel California with Ellen, a British friend from my study abroad in Norwich. We’ll be hitting up the LA, the coast, SF, Chico, Sierras, Vegas and the Grand Canyon if all goes well. Apparently road trips make good stories (I just got out of a class comparing Luke and the American Road movie), so hopefully it’ll be a warm hearted comedy with positive personal growth… Later in September, my Dad and I area talking about a backpacking trip, this time on the Lost Coast in Northern California (NorCal!). Backpacking on sand at sea level? What will I do without the 10,000ft+ altitude, steam crossings and sheer rock drop offs I’ve loved to hate these past years on the John Muir Trail in the sierras?

Anyway, sorry for the laundry list – I’m a bit overwhelmed with it all, but very excited about life, and my new camera to capture more of it!


Sunday ramblings

May 13, 2007

It’s quiet around here today. Generally Sundays are … people are in and out for church all day and resting. Bits of conversation float through the windows here and there. There are the clip-clops of heeled shoes rather than scuffs of flip-flops from the rest of the week. People are so cheerful, I wonder if it’s canned Christian cheer. Maybe not, maybe they are that happy. Do I sound like that when I say hello to people? Probably. Maybe I should turn it down a notch – or not. I know the kids who are usually yelling, laughing and wailing aren’t canned – maybe that’s why I don’t mind them so much.

I’m tired and want to take a nap, but instead I organized reciepies and my image file while making a red collage for the bathroom wall. The collage is crap, and I don’t know why I spend time on the recipces since I hardly cook. I guess I’m operating off the theory if I have easy access to the few I do use (Moroccan tea, Mexican Chicken Soup, etc) I might use them more. Then maybe I’ll even use the coutless others I’ve pulled out of Real Simple… hmm…

I think I just have a passion for plastic sheet protectors and senseless organizing. Hence my excitement to learn about an image file from my Art Center painting teacher. It’s a binder with all sorts of picutures and scraps you’ve collected that catch your eye: everything from people, objects, rooms, landscapes, type, patterns (all stuffed into plastic sheets!). Then when you’re in the creative mode, you have an image bank of inspirational images ready to go. I think I’m going to love that black binder. It’s already filling up fast and validating my obsession with collecting magazines and not being able to throw them away. Now I can pull out what I like and recycle the rest. Ahhh, freedom and potential all in one.

Monk painting/sketch

It came in handy last Satuday when I sketch and painted this tibetian monk. I would never have had that type of image on hand or thought to paint it, but it felt right when I got the easel out last weekend. It’s funny, I think the sketch turned out better than the painting. Funny how that happens. I had a drawing teacher tell me the cool paintings (unfinished) get a hot (positive) reaction, while the hot paintings (finished), get a cool (negitive/neutral) reaction. Huh. Maybe that’s why I never know if I’m done.

Class at the NS today

April 18, 2007

Madonna and Child with Book

My theology and Art class took a break from the classroom and went to the Norton Simon museum today. Mmmm, I love it. Less than 2 miles away, amazing collection, beautiful gardens, and free student admission.

We spent time just looking at a few pieces in-depth, which let me sketch while listening to the dialogue, and occasionally joining in. Above is a sketch of the Madonna and Child with Book by Raphael (yes, the Raphel) in 1502-3.

It may sound heretical, but I’ve had little patience for religious painting after a trip in 2001 to Italy. I felt like if I saw one madonna and child, I’ve seen them all. Give me a Picasso, Matise, Cezanne, Degas, Van Gough, Monet anyday. Artists who are learning to see their world differently and challenging conventions. *sigh* Yet I’m slowly realizing there is immense value in studying this earlier period, and my reading for this class is shedding some light on these paintings for me.

Woman wih book

I was relieved though when we moved wings into the 19-20th century art, and spent the last hour talking about two Picasso pieces. The latter, Woman with a book, I sketched above. I love Picasso. I feel at home looking at his work. Perhaps because I lived for a year and took art classes in the Spanish town, Malaga, where he was born? Who knows, but the range of styles he went through is always an inspiration to me.

Ellen Anderson Art

April 8, 2007


My good friend Ellen will be featured the next issue of the British House and Home Ideas Magazine. We quickly became friends after she invited me over for tea while I was studying in England at Norwich School of Art and Design. She studied illustration graduating in 2000. She has pursed her work since then living around London. I’m not sure if House and Home Ideas Magazine will be on stands in the US, but check out her website, Ellen Anderson Art for more of her work. Way to go Ellen!

Personal Altarpiece

March 19, 2007

Final altarpiece

The amazing thing about my degree at Fuller is the occasional option to work on creative projects in place of traditional academic papers. My Theology and Culture class was like this and I jumped at the chance to work on a painting piece.

My professor, John Drane, kept asking why the church is largely ignoring the alternate spiritual seekers (new age, crystals, Buddhist, etc) who are already in touch with a spiritual quest. The looming question about spirituality resonated with me, and made me look harder at what spirituality is, and the ways I incorporate it in my own life.

Candle sketch 4

He also brought up some interesting statistics. Did you know the candle industry is a 3 billion dollar industry? These aren’t just the emergency candles in the kitchen junk drawer! After I admitted to myself lighting candles is one of the ways I express my spirituality, I started to wonder about this strange mix of consumerism and spirituality. Drinking coffee with a good friend to experience community, or practicing yoga to find peace and centering with my entire body came to mind. These are both practices that are heavily marketed and available for consumption, yet help me live a Christian life.

Coffee Cup watercolor

I started to wonder what it would look like to paint each object as icons of my own spirituality in an altarpiece. My mind started racing, is this alright? Is this theologically sound? Is it heresy? Is it satire? Am I putting my junk on the altar before God to be cleansed/blessed? Probably a bit of all of these, but I needed to paint it and embark on the journey posing the question/making the statement as only art can.

When I didn’t get my project proposal back from my professor and the TA with “HEATHEN!” written across it, I figured I was ok. I could have piggybacked on the 168 film project using that for the assignment, but I really wanted to pick up a paintbrush.

It actually turned out to be a catalyst for an inter artistic struggle. Oof, and it was quite a struggle. Not only because it was hard to get back into the painting/fine arts mode after being in the world of film and academics, but the pressure I was putting on myself to crank out a solid piece of work. I had a few bad drafts which put me in a few funky moods, but thanks to the girls who live around me who listened to me vent about the plight of the christian artist (or the artist who happens to be christian) and encouraged me on, I was able to find peace and centering. This is not about me, duh.

Working on the iPod

So the next three nights, I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning painting away. It was a sweet time with a paintbrush, and I’m pretty happy with the final altar (considering I almost gave up on the whole project a few times). It’s not technically perfect, and if I did another draft, it’d probably get better. Yet due dates are due dates, and I turned it in. I’m curious to hear what people think and how they react to it. I’m pretty sure I’ll be submitting it to the gallery at Fuller for the Arts Fest week coming up in April to be part of that dialogue.

Quotable 2

December 3, 2006

“The journey is my home.”
-Muriel Rukeyser, poet

God is opening my eyes to several different themes running through my life: mainly accepting the past journeys in my life are who I am, my home. I can accept that my one day trip to Brugge, Belgium in 2001 was not a strange episode of long-ago past travels tagged on to the end of my study abroad in England. Instead its part of a collage of who I am today as much as my life here in Pasadena is right now.

I’m also developing some thoughts on creativity as I’ve been doing research for a paper over at the Art Center College of Art and Design. In once sentence, to be creative, one must be in an environment that fosters it. I think I might take to studying in their library where students are sketching at the tables next to me with both pencils and electronic tablets connected to their computers. It makes a part of me come alive to be around creatives, just as my spiritual journey is alive at Fuller. But what does that mean to live what feels like a fragmented life?

Anyway, more on this when I get through finals and can breathe again…


October 15, 2006

Mark Schutlz
“100 Percent Natural”
25.5″ X 18″

I finally got connected with some art people on campus (yay for arts concerns committee!), which lead to Pasadena Art Night, good beer and a gallery trip into LA today. I met up with a few girls at the Milo Gallery to check out collage artist, Mark Schultz: Fortified With Zebra. Pretty amazing painterly effects with scraps of anything and everything. He lives and works in Tacoma, Washington.

This gallery was just down the street from the LA County Art Museum, but I skipped it to save museum energy for Philadelphia next weekend. I’m headed out for a cousin’s wedding, and per usual my mom has squeezed all the sightseeing humanly possible into three days. Gotta rest up for a trip like this!

something new

October 12, 2006

Any Joy?
In reaction to my heavy involvement with reading and writing these days, I’m trying something new on my blog – drawings/journal pages. I don’t know what this will turn into, but I’ll give it a go.

This is partly coming from a brief identity crisis the other day as my sense of self, a recovering missionary turned seminary student, is struggling to hold on the designer/artist that’s starting to clamor a bit to get out. I’m surrounded by teachers, youth directors and future pastors who are all wonderful and say brilliant things, but aren’t like me.

After class on Tuesday, I hopped in my car and broke out of my Pasadena bubble (lovely as it is) and made the trek to Santa Monica to sit on the beach with a sketch book, charcoal, and no pressure to create anything. There is something so soothing about waves hitting the shore, and sand between my toes, wind in my hair and charcoal … well … all over my hands.

This is a sketch from last night looking at a stack of books on my desk, asking myself if there’s any joy in this road I’m on … turns out there’s plenty.