I was born and raised in the San Francsico Bay Area and went to California State University, Chico. I graduated in May 2004 with a BA in Communication Design, option in Graphic Design, and a Minor in Studio Art. My faith and design skills grew steadily in college and seemed intertwined. I coined the term ‘design ministry’ back in high school when design was a hobby, and it’s since actually become my ministry.

A few months after graduation, I found myself following a call to use my design skills in Spain. From September 2004 to December 2005, I worked at Malaga Media Center (MMC), part of Avant Ministries, in Southern Spain. MMC uses media (radio, Satellite TV, Web, and written correspondence) for Christian outreach to North Africa and Spain. My role with Avant transitioned as I moved back to California. I spent six months in Chico as a fully supported missionary working remotely from a homeand serve the Public Relation and Media Tam at Avant based in Kansas City, Missouri.

Thanks to God’s sheer goodness, I’m now at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena pursuing a Masters in Theology, with a particular emphasis in Art and Theology. I excited to continue the connection between my design and service with biblical, theological, and cultural studies. I feel this will give me a much needed background and lens to see and serve the world as I continue my call of ‘design ministry’.


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