Chico calling…

All roads lead to ... chico?

I had decided yesterday, after quietly going crazy working all day in my (now air conditioned!) room, it’s time to get out of town. Yes folks, the great town of Chico is calling my name, and I’m happily leaving Pasadena’s summer lull of work and study behind me … for a few days.

As if I needed another sign or intuitive prod to do something as crazy as drive 8 hours north to Chico to see some amazing friends, I opened up the new issue of Via, and found a full-spread picture of one of my favorite spots in C-town staring right back at me: One Mile at Bidwell Park.

All doubt of my newly planned trip quickly vanished, replaced with a mental note to pack my Mexico blanket. During my undergrad, I spent countless afternoons among those huge trees with a good book and slurpee in hand. Life doesn’t get much better.

As if that weren’t enough, The new Real Simple had something to add to my building internal conversation too: they featured the Chico Bag. Created and originally sold in Chico, this little nylon bag is a local staple for the farmers market attendees and the environmentally friendly.

Ohhh I hear you Chico, I’m coming…


6 Responses to “Chico calling…”

  1. jen blackwell Says:

    friend, it is fate. glad you gave into the impulse…or were compelled to do so by the 3rd “sign”…
    so glad you are going to chico–to be away…to find real rest (matthew 11.28-30, the message)…to be at “home” (one of several)…to be refreshed by relationships, familiarity, conversations, the drive…
    will be praying for you this extended weekend…and will be missing you in between working and paper-writing.
    and i think you should pick me up a chico bag as a concession for leaving me here in hot ol’ pasadena. 🙂

  2. designministry Says:

    You got it Jen. Thanks for the theological insight to the trip … applicable not only mine, but yours back to ‘bama too… Cheers friend!

  3. Beth Says:

    Yes. Yes. Good choice. Chico is the bomb.

    And it’s waiting anxiously for you!

  4. Laura Says:

    I just had a craving tonight… and then I read your blog. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE eat one of those huge delicious ‘Tacos de’ burritos for this poor Midwesterner who is so far away from what she considers ‘real Mexican food’… *tear*

  5. designministry Says:

    Dubay – turns out the best mexican is not at 5 and I, it’s in SoCal. Oh my, so goooood! I’ll eat a burrito here for you … or like 5 of ’em. 🙂

  6. Laura Says:

    Ok, I can handle that! 😉 Better than anything i’ve been able to find in Ohio, that’s for damn sure…
    and then my boyfriend says “what’s the difference between (what I call) real mexican, and Taco Bell?” I just can’t win!! 😉

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