Sleepless night

It’s 2:22am right now, and I couldn’t sleep because I’ve been researching web stuff all night (meaning someday I will have an awesome blog/portfolio site…) but that’s not my point here.

My point is: it’s almost 2:30am in the morning, and I’m still awake. My visions of running at 7am (which I’ve done about 3 times the past year), and 8am start-time for work are fading fast in favor the sleep I know I’ll need in the morning.

I wish I could say this is not common. I wish I could write a touching post that I’m one of those people who goes to bed when they need to, puts a new roll of toilet paper out before the old one is used up (doh!), or gets all the reading done before class. Surprise! Most of the time, I just don’t.

Instead I run with the sparks that motivate me: Photography, design, gardening, movies, swimming, research … This can be a wonderful trait, and has gotten me through school, mission work, and now piecing my life together again. Yet it’s also as irritating as heck when I know I need to go to bed, but I can’t stop thinking about freaking’ web design. I don’t want to think about web design anymore: Which domain name I should use? Who should host it? Is it ok for designer to use a template? What if I modified it? When the Art Center fall classes start? Can I afford to take one? Can I convince the professors to let me skip the intro media classes? Ack! I want to go to bed!

People say they wish they were more creative … do they really mean it? I know most of us have sleepless nights at some-point, and creativity is not solely at fault. But heck, it’s sure keeping me up. Err…


3 Responses to “Sleepless night”

  1. Tara: Graphic Design Blog Says:

    Thanks for the link. I know the feeling well. If I have an idea on my mind I can’t sleep either. I have on occassions put a notebook by my bed so I can jot anything down in the night. I find this helps you sleep too, once its down on paper your brain doesn’t try and retain it so much.

    I look forward to reading more posts.

  2. designministry Says:

    Thanks Tara! I keep a pad like that next to me during work to keep the distractions I think up at bay. I didn’t think of moving next to me at night … nice!

    BTW, I love your GD blog, it’s a new fave!

  3. Libby Says:

    i wonder why it is always the things that we love, but aren’t supposed to do that keeps us up until the wee hours of the morning. yet I find as many distractions as possible when i NEED to finish homework.

    right – because sometimes my life stinks! 😉

    i honestly wonder if i’ll get to work a job where I sleep when I should, and am awake when I should. even youth ministry kept me up far too late some night, simply out of excitement for the ‘future’ in the morning. hahaha… oh world…

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