Day 11, Last day

Riverside Walk ends

Day 11
Zion National Park (pictured), Baker

It finally came … the last day of the epic road trip. Ellen and I visited Zion National Park, and drove back to Pasadena by way of Baker, CA and some incredible Greek food.

If you haven’t been to the Grand Canyon or Zion, some advise: Go peer over the edge of the Grand Canyon, but camp and hike in Zion. It’s amazing. I wish I’d had more time and knowledge of the park to hike farther up the canyon and get deeper in the picturesque Narrows. Someday, it’ll happen.

Over all, this massive 11 day road trip was amazing. California and the Southwest are beautiful parts of the country, but more than I realized, such an integral and native part of myself. Not only was I born and raised in Cali, but I’m a 6th generation Californian. My Mother’s family came west over the Sierras before the Gold Rush, and even rescued the Donner Party on the way out. They did quite well as farmers in the Central Valley (and now have shifted to become a family of dentists…but I digress).

While I loved living and traveling in Europe (and hope to see Asia, Australia and South America some day), California is definitely home for me. There is something to say for staying close to my roots that seems particularly applicable for this period of study and reflection in my life. And it doesn’t hurt that the west continues to offer a worthy answer to my travel and photography itch, and I’m quite happy with that.


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