Day 7

big sky

Day 7
Bodie (pictured), Bishop

This was my favorite day – and scariest. But not for the same reason…

We got a break from the heat and explored the ghost town of Bodie in the morning. The wind (foreshadowing…) kept it cooler than the 100+ degree weather we were in the rest of the week, it also gave me trouble keeping my hat on, my skirt down and my camera in focus. I probably looked like a spastic fish out of water … nothing new right? I wish I was more graceful, but then again some of the other photogs were decked out in photo vests. Yikes.

The scare came later in the day as we were making our way down highway 395 in the Owen’s Valley where lightning had started several brush fires. The smoke was like a wall, and driving into it was like driving from the daylight straight into night. I was staying calm so I and Ellen wouldn’t be too bothered, but it was quite unsettling. Yet traffic kept moving, so I figured it was ok to keep going until it became obvious we shouldn’t. Sure enough, the fire jumped the highway and CHP closed the road and signaled traffic to turn around. We headed back to the last town we went through, Big Pine. With hotel reservations on the other side of the flame in Lone Pine, we were in a quandary… in the end Ellen voted to head one town further away from the flames, back to Bishop, which was good instinct as Big Pine was later evacuated. Whew! Not too dangerous, but enough to get our stomachs in a knot for a bit.


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