Ethical type

faux hebrew

Jessica Helfand on Design Observer calls for a cultural sensitivity and ethic of typography after being disturbed by the plethora of faux hebrew fonts available (there’s even one called circumcision). She sums up:

Granted, unlike people, typefaces have no feelings — so who cares if they’re used without sensitivity and knowledge? But on some level, the line is a murky one: what’s the difference between a celebrity making an unforgivable racist remark and a typographer making a font that clumsily perpetuates a cultural stereotype? As a rule, the study of ethics aren’t taught in our design curricula. But maybe it should be.

Article here.


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  1. Caryn Says:

    Hey Kristin! Been a long time. Too long and I’m sorry about that. I was going to call, but things have gotten really crazy. I’m engaged! Mark and I are getting married November 3. We are all for the quick engagement. Details are a little insane right now, more so as we try to figure out where we are going to live. But, anyway, wanted you to know and I’m sorry I haven’t kept in better touch. Glad you are doing well and hope you continue to love life.


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