Summer is upon us!

Finals are over! But now my victory lap (err…time on the couch and at the beach ) is over, I’ve hit the ground running again. Summer hardly means slowing down …


found type

chair highlights

New Camera!
I ate my lunch today on the balcony outside my apartment waiting for the UPS man. My new Canon 30D was coming, and if I didn’t sign for it, they weren’t going to leave it. My roommate was asking what the chances were he’d actually come while I was standing there. “Pretty good, I think.” My instinct was on and within 5 minutes the UPS man came around the corner. I was doing something between dancing and jumping, which made him smile, “Kristin?” he asked. Oh yes!

I took it out for test shots today, and hoped I haven’t traumatized my friends by trying out the multiple shots-per-second feature on them. More pics are here.

CIVA conference
The impetus for the above purchase, I’ll be flying to Philadelphia and taking the train to Harrisburg, PA on Thursday for the biennial Christians in the Visual Arts conference. The theme this time is “Transformed Spaces” and there’s an architecture/design track that caught my eye. I’m pretty excited to hang out with other artists and designers with a faith perspective. I’ll no doubt be blogging on it and taking tons of pictures. I’ll try to edit for your benefit.

Miners Club
This is the film group I’ve been part of. We’re taking steps to wrap up the post-production and distribution of our shorts. Look for a You Tube link soon!

In addition, summer school will start the following Monday; I need to finalize my class load and start thinking about books.

My part time work with Avant Ministries continues on with a range of interesting projects to keep me busy. I’m pretty amazed to think about what I’ve been able to get out over the past year: Urbana display, 32 page magazine, There is No Time book design (cover and inside), and now a complete revision on their print materials. Whew!

Summer vay-cay
I’m taking two weeks off from both school and working the beginning of July to travel California with Ellen, a British friend from my study abroad in Norwich. We’ll be hitting up the LA, the coast, SF, Chico, Sierras, Vegas and the Grand Canyon if all goes well. Apparently road trips make good stories (I just got out of a class comparing Luke and the American Road movie), so hopefully it’ll be a warm hearted comedy with positive personal growth… Later in September, my Dad and I area talking about a backpacking trip, this time on the Lost Coast in Northern California (NorCal!). Backpacking on sand at sea level? What will I do without the 10,000ft+ altitude, steam crossings and sheer rock drop offs I’ve loved to hate these past years on the John Muir Trail in the sierras?

Anyway, sorry for the laundry list – I’m a bit overwhelmed with it all, but very excited about life, and my new camera to capture more of it!


4 Responses to “Summer is upon us!”

  1. Jamie Fehr Says:

    New cameras are always exciting and road trips even more so. I’m looking forward to hearing of your adventures (maybe in person? I will be in California and the general area this fall)

  2. designministry Says:

    You bet Jamie, it’d be great to connect. Drop a line when you’re in the southern end of the state! We can swap road trip and MMC stories … good times!

  3. Jeannie Says:

    When is the Chico stop on your road trip? 🙂

  4. designministry Says:

    Not as soon as I’d like! I’m not sure if we’re going to make it that far north on this trip, but I will be in c-town FOR SURE this summer. I am craving some quality time with some of my favorite people, and upper park is calling my name. 🙂

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