I hella heart the bay

I hella heart oakland
Me and Pam, friends since the days of Sequoia Elementary.

For you sensitive ones, let me explain the “hella.” See, there are lingo differences between those who live in Northern California (NorCal), and Southern California (SoCal). There are actually countless other differences in the two regions that quite frankly could be different states, but I digress. Upon further research, “hella”is a bay area original heavily used by NorCalers similar to “wicked” in the Boston area. For those with sensitive ears and wincing, consider “hecka”, the polite counterpart.

Anyway, I’ve had a hella good weekend, seeing friends and tootling around the bay. After hiking on protected watershed in Pinole Valley, connecting with the chicas from high school again, and screaming, “Let’s go Oakland!” to cheer on the A’s at top of my lungs, I’ve become nostalgic and realize exactly where my roots are. Not so much in the land of insane traffic, search helicopters and tragically urban fashion of SoCal (I’m sorry, I really can’t pull of the polished vagabond look). I miss the commonality of everyone in rain-jackets, fleece and running shoes up north and the need to wear them due to actual weather (side-note: Don’t go to an evening A’s game in capri’s and flip-flops. More layers!). While SoCal does have its good points, the beach being up there on the list, NorCal (specifically the East Bay) is my core through and through, and I’m hella proud of it. If nothing else, it justifies my continually expanding collection of fleece clothing…


One Response to “I hella heart the bay”

  1. Libby Says:

    i like you… you make me laugh, and think.

    and i LOVE that you like Justin McRoberts… we are DESTINED to be friends… oh justin…

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