Sunday ramblings

It’s quiet around here today. Generally Sundays are … people are in and out for church all day and resting. Bits of conversation float through the windows here and there. There are the clip-clops of heeled shoes rather than scuffs of flip-flops from the rest of the week. People are so cheerful, I wonder if it’s canned Christian cheer. Maybe not, maybe they are that happy. Do I sound like that when I say hello to people? Probably. Maybe I should turn it down a notch – or not. I know the kids who are usually yelling, laughing and wailing aren’t canned – maybe that’s why I don’t mind them so much.

I’m tired and want to take a nap, but instead I organized reciepies and my image file while making a red collage for the bathroom wall. The collage is crap, and I don’t know why I spend time on the recipces since I hardly cook. I guess I’m operating off the theory if I have easy access to the few I do use (Moroccan tea, Mexican Chicken Soup, etc) I might use them more. Then maybe I’ll even use the coutless others I’ve pulled out of Real Simple… hmm…

I think I just have a passion for plastic sheet protectors and senseless organizing. Hence my excitement to learn about an image file from my Art Center painting teacher. It’s a binder with all sorts of picutures and scraps you’ve collected that catch your eye: everything from people, objects, rooms, landscapes, type, patterns (all stuffed into plastic sheets!). Then when you’re in the creative mode, you have an image bank of inspirational images ready to go. I think I’m going to love that black binder. It’s already filling up fast and validating my obsession with collecting magazines and not being able to throw them away. Now I can pull out what I like and recycle the rest. Ahhh, freedom and potential all in one.

Monk painting/sketch

It came in handy last Satuday when I sketch and painted this tibetian monk. I would never have had that type of image on hand or thought to paint it, but it felt right when I got the easel out last weekend. It’s funny, I think the sketch turned out better than the painting. Funny how that happens. I had a drawing teacher tell me the cool paintings (unfinished) get a hot (positive) reaction, while the hot paintings (finished), get a cool (negitive/neutral) reaction. Huh. Maybe that’s why I never know if I’m done.


2 Responses to “Sunday ramblings”

  1. JBro Says:

    Did you get the monk image out of VIA magazine? I saw the same picture, and also thought it was stunning. Nice renditions- me gusta!

  2. designministry Says:

    Yea! Wasn’t it fantastic!? I didn’t do it justice, but it made me want to try. 🙂

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