Sacred Satire? My Donkey!

Miners Club came together again to shoot our second short – a commissioned piece to introduce the satirist Joel Kilpatrick who’s speaking on campus this Thursday. He’s the creator of and authored Field Guide to Evangelicals (in their natural habitat).

Our production scope on this project was small: just a hand held camera, no lights or microphones. We had a rough script that cut between a family and church mob headed to see Joel. This was largely up to our actors to improv – which they are amazing at.

It was so interesting watch them in action, especially in the family scenes. We’d take four shots and the actors would say something different each time, though it would still be within scope of the script.


For example, Suzy walking in to the kitchen talking to her mother started out saying, “Jeepers Mom!” This moved to “Oh Casserole, Mom!” Then “Well Dick Van Dyke Mom!” She had everyone rolling, it was pretty funny!

Still of father/son

The Father/Son scene this had a bit more weight to it as the Father started to play with the dialogue when he reassures his son not be scared in the presence of greatness (i.e. Joel Kilpatrick – mind you this is meant to be satire). “I’ll be there to hold your hand” turned in to, “The spirit of the Lord will be with you and I’ll be there to hold your hand.” to “The Word of God tells us that the spirit of the Lord is with us, and I’ll be there too to hold your hand.”

The words would be so different, and the actors themselves would say, “I don’t know, it just came out!”

It made me think about how we normally talk, and how just a few more or less words completely changes the impact of what we’re saying, though the motivation and thought don’t change inwardly. Huh, interesting…

You can see the short for yourself this Thursday at 7:30pm in Travis Auditorium and be in the presence of greatness, Joel Kilpatrick. Those who are coming for the holy beating, don’t forget your dish for the post-lynching potluck!


2 Responses to “Sacred Satire? My Donkey!”

  1. Mark Says:

    When are we going to see these films you’ve been crewing for? Any YouTube releases planned?


  2. designministry Says:

    Soon I hope!

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