productivity guru + passionate thoughts = church body

It’s very cool to see productivity guru Merlin Mann of 43 Folders is contributing to the conversation about blogging and the church. He posts about being asked to write and essay for Brian Bailey’s book The Blogging Church.

I avidly follow Merin’s blog and more recently video and pod casts with Mac-Break Weekly about GTD (Getting Things Done) and overall workflow. He’s found his niche in sharing his gifts and passions of productivity to the rest of us – and he’s good at it! He’s a clear voice in the noisy blogosphere that has done for my desk what Real Simple has done for my housework: streamline and simplify.

I haven’t seen the essay or even this book, but I’d be eager to get my hands on it. But really, its more exciting (at least to me) to see someone like Merlin Mann contributing his own passions and expertise about this technology in relation to the church and the resulting ‘passionate thoughts’. We need this type of input to flesh out what Church (yes, capital ‘C’) looks like today, especially online. By bringing these conversations to others in different spheres of life, like productivity, we embody the (missional) church body. That’s exciting!


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