Forget church, just head to Starbucks

starbucks quote on cup
The Sundance class TA, Michelle, passed this quote on from her Starbucks disposable Venti coffee cup…

“Many people lack a spiritual belief system and fill that void with obsessions about celebrities. The celebrities are raised to the rank of gods, and these earthly gods will always fail the expectations the masses have set for them. The cycle runs thusly: adoration turns to obsession, obsession turns to disappointment, and from disappointment it is just a short emotional jump to contempt.”
Donna Phillips
Freelance Writer. She lives in Claremont, California.

She wanted us to think about how this related to our experience as people of faith in the film community. I think the quote covers it pretty well – failed hopes, emotions going wild and void that remains empty. While I was at Sundance, I was jolted to be eating pizza on Main Street just looking out the window at the paparazzi swarming around people like Antiono Bandaras, Mandy Moore, and Tara Reid one after the other. What’s that about? I wish there was that much frenzy around love, justice and mercy…

Going back to Marshall McLuhan in true “the medium is the message” style: perhaps the message is really Starbucks (or the coffee experience). This is the second faith/spritually related example from someone going to Starbucks that I’ve heard this week.

Home as Santuary

The other was my professor John Draine, who teaches my Theology and Culture class. He picked up this In a Spiritual Style: Home as Sanctuary coffee table book and mentioned it in the ‘State of the Culture’ lecture yesterday as an example of where people are finding their spirituality: at home.

Even more, here are two examples from the last week of people encountering spiritually while they picked up coffee at their local Starbucks. I know there has been some writing on this already, and I’m kidding in my post title, but I think there’s something going on here we need to do more about than keep in on the radar…


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