Vegas to Symphony

In the past week, I’ve sung the national anthem twice.

1. Before the Superbowl at the Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas.
Yes, Las Vegas. I finally made good on my word to visit a friend from Chico, Matt Lee, and took another friend from Chico along with me, Katie Raley. I’d never been to Vegas before, and it was all I’d thought it would be. Lights, more lights, and the abilty to easily do just about anything you wanted…if you have money. It was also a lot of fun to have a good dinner, see a show (we saw some blue men – so fun!), and take in the superbowl game in the Hofbrauhaus beer garden shoulder to shoulder with about 10 brits on vacation (In fact, if you know Katie – ask her about Bruce).

I tried my hand at lady luck, but she must not like me – I lost $5 on the slots in about 3 minutes. It’s not really too bad, but I didn’t want to try much more. We did walk by an older guy playing casino war who supposedly came to the table with one $100 chip, and by the time we left had $45,000 on the table and was still playing. We walked away from the gathering crowd stunned. Vegas baby, Vegas! Pics are here.

2. At the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles before the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performance.
I’m starting to realize being connected to the arts and Fuller comes with huge perks. A local Rabbi donated tickets to different faith organizations and schools such as Fuller in a good will gesture for an innerfaith experience. My friend Michelle’s fiancee was too swamped with work, so she invited me along. The tickets were in the third row of the front orchestra with a face value of $135 each. I could see the passion on the faces of the musicians (and the snapped bow strings!) and the conductor Lorin Maazel as they fell into the music. The building (which is like walking around in one of Frank Gerhy’s loose pen sketches – incredible!) is supposed to have the best acoustics anywhere in the US. All I know is I fell into the music myself. It was not only a cultural experience, but intensely spiritual as well. Watching all the different instruments work together, and create this amazing and moving sound – there aren’t words for it.

After we were invited to a gala reception with great food and migling. One of the ladies from Fuller and I talked to a few Jewish guys studying to be Rabbi’s: it’s a six year programs that’s heavy on the Hebrew!

Anyway, welcome to my life lately: Vegas to the symphony. I’ve been all over the place, and still haven’t had down time to process all that’s happened. Not to mention the 32 page magazine we’re about to go to press with at Avant, and my two new classes I started this week. I’m begining to wonder what’s up with this many waves recently, but I’ll ride them out as long as I can.


2 Responses to “Vegas to Symphony”

  1. workinprogress81 Says:

    Vegas! Alright!
    Any Elvis sightings?
    And did you not LOVE the blue man group- talk about performance art!

  2. designministry Says:

    Yea a few sightings – buta a guy dressed as Wilma Finestone bought Katie and I coffee! 🙂

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