I’m here for all the films.

Inevitably when I tell people I’m a student here for the Festival, the next question is, “Do you study theatre?” or “What school do you go to?”

Then I have a choice. Do I brush off the Christian context that brings me here, or mention the spiritual and theological dialogue?

Heck, maybe I am a missionary after all. I’ve been going for it and gotten positive responses overall. Some people turn out to be local church goers and resonate (they’ve had time to engage themselves with the festival since its in their town). Others instantly tell me about the alternate films showing in churches around town with Christian content (Bonhoeffer documentary, etc.). My favorite so far has been the glazed over look with, “Oh, you’re here for those films.”

I told those ladies, “No, I’m here for all the films.”


2 Responses to “I’m here for all the films.”

  1. workinprogress81 Says:

    That’s right – you tell ’em! Every movie is worth seeing, because it communicates something about culture, life, and a person(s) artistic vision. Christianity is about those things too. I’m stoked to talk to you when you get back to hear more about your film adventures!

  2. designministry Says:

    Thanks Jeannie. God is at the movies, that’s for sure. I was really shocked how blatant themes of love, hope, justice and especially redemption/forgiveness were all over these films. You really didn’t have to look far!

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