What is a Sundance film?

That was one of the writing prompts for an article review I wrote for class. I said it was simply the absence of a studio backed film – independent, sans Hollywood. This could be a wide range in styles carrying an even larger number of themes. I watched two movies tonight that spanned this spectrum.

Waitress with Kerri Russell (I started calling it ‘Felicity’) about a woman trapped in an horrible marriage who finds solace in making crazy pie creations. Enter unwanted pregnancy and the new cute town doctor, paired with hilarious dialogue and pie recipes along with real questions about happiness and responsibility – I walked out with a new favorite. Thanks to a good reaction plus a few newspaper articles in town, it’s becoming a festival favorite, and my professor Craig mentioned it’s already been picked up for 3 million (meaning it has studio backing and will get distributed to theaters and DVD). I’m so excited – you’ll love this movie!

Longford, a British film about the true person, Lord Longford, who advocated for the redemption and chance at parole for infamous murderer Myra Hindley. Are there crimes that are unforgivable? The British public seems to think so with the horrific murder of five children in the countryside, but Lord Longford says no to drawing such lines and struggles with the consequences of such a forgiving and lavish love. There was a Q&A that was unfortunately hijacked with horrible questions about the details of the British prison system and self-awareness.

Jim Broadbent from Longford

Michelle and Janelle with Tim and Jim

We did somehow manage to sit directly infront of the film’s director Tom Hooper, among others involved with the film. In addition, the director of Queen (which was nominated today for best picture – my bet is they get it) was just two rows back.

Anyway, after the Q&A, and before they were mobbed with the crowd, Michelle talked to Hooper and lead actor Jim Broadbent (from Moulin Rouge and Bridget Jones among others). I was busy snapping the picture, but I think there was a comment about the theme of redemption in the film. A first for all of us, Hooper mentioned we were good sit behind – we laughed at all the right places!


One Response to “What is a Sundance film?”

  1. Steve Says:

    Great stuff! I wish they had courses like this when I was at Fuller. Enjoy the learning and the friends you’re making along the way!

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