Slow and tragic day

Not all play

I opted out of movies today, and finished up a book review before the class kick off at the Mountain Vineyard Church. Over 100 Biloa, Fuller students, in addition to folks from Windrider and the Angelus Student Film Festivall. They showed the 3 of the top 4 winners from this years festival, and brought the filmmakers on stage for Q&A. Queen of Catcus Cove is a gem – see it if you can. Tomorrow we see the grand prize winner. This group isn’t connected to Sundance directly, but these are the future filmmakers who will hopefully have stuff at the festival a few years down the road.

On a horribly tragic note – a wife and daughter who were to be a host family for our group were in a bad accident on their way back from Salt Lake. The 4 year old daughter was killed, and the mother is in critical condition. Her car slipped on ice, and spun into another car killing the other driver as well. This is all the more horrific as the family had just lost a newborn child this past November, not more than 2 weeks old, and were already grieving. A classmate posted a note here on our class blog, and the church gave us an update tonight followed by a touching prayer of grief.

This puts the whole festival into perspective for us. Those from the congregation gave a touching charge to the group: This is life – we don’t understand it, but it happens. Go make movies about real life. (It was something like that, I was fighting tears after the prayer).

Please keep the husband in your prayers as he deals with the loss of another child and possibly his wife. Would she pull through and find healing with her husband in all the ways they need it…


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