Save Me Premiere

Cast and Crew dialouge after Save Me

There are a few movies that the whole class will see together, one of which is the documentary For the Bible Tells me So. It deals with the way the American church is treating homosexuals. Whew – hot topic. Watch out, the water’s just getting warm.

Since a group of us flew in early to check things out and see a few extra movies, my classmate JJ and I wanted to see Save Me, which also deals with homosexuality and the church. Chad Allen (who recently played Steve Saint in End of the Spear) plays a gay drug addict who hits rock bottom, finds healing at a Christian gay rehabilitation retreat center, and falls for one of the guys at the center.

We stood in line to get wait-list tickets to the premiere, and easily got in. We even chatted with one of the actors and production coordinators in the process (who says standing in line is so bad?).

The cool thing about getting into a premiere at a place like Sundance is the dialogue since most of the cast and crew are there. The opening comments by the director of Save Me were poignant: “This is not a gay movie. This is not a Christian movie. This is an American movie.” While the film itself was about average (cinematography, sound, acting), JJ and I agreed everyone in our class should see it for the message, which an audience member summed up in the post-movie Q&A with the director, producers, cast and crew: “This is a movie about love!”

This movie was written and produced by gay and pro-gay filmmakers, but the irony is it’s not for the gay community – its for the rest of the country, especially those who would condemn and judge homosexuals.

Judith Light, plays the stanch conservative christian who seeks to ‘cure’ these men of homosexuality, and really more selfishly, find her own redemption and make peace with God in the process. Instead she is shown love by those she condemns. It portrays all sides in a real way without going over the top. I felt I could walk away from this film and enter into dialogue – it’s building bridges.

Yet honestly, I winced and wrestled during this movie. Am I endorsing something I don’t agree with by being here? How do I feel about this issue? But I needed to be there, and glad I was. JJ and I walked up and talked to three of the producers afterwards and told them we were theology students here to study spiritual themes in films. We said we appreciated the film, but especially their dialogue and approach with it afterwards. They seemed honestly glad we came up to say something and gave their thanks. I left blown away with the irony of the gay community producing a film with such real, but respectful, portrayal of how they are treated by the church.

Responding to hate with love – sound familiar?


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  1. thom delorenzo Says:

    this is chad allen’s publicist. are you still in sundance? he would love to meet you. email me if you get a chance. thom

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