Some grace from the city of Pasadena

I park on the street outside my apartment complex, and have to get special city permits to do so because its a 2 hour zone. These permits expired December 31, 2006.

I’d gone through the renewal process in early December for 2007, but to my dismay no new permits arrived in the mail over Christmas. Nothing before New Years. I called franticly 7am on New Years day to get the one-day exemption, and again on the 2nd. A lady on the phone told me: there’s a grace period until January 31st with 2006 permits.

Grace period. The city of Pasadena is giving me some grace. Huh. I think they probably need more time to process all the permit requests, but still… the use of the word grace, caught me a bit. The city showing me grace … every time I get in my car on the street, it makes me smile.


2 Responses to “Some grace from the city of Pasadena”

  1. Jamie Fehr Says:

    I have to agree, the word grace generally requires a step back when you actually hear it. It’s just not a common word to use.

  2. designministry Says:

    But oh so sweet when it is… 🙂

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