Rose Parade

Roses in indiviudal vials


I somehow ended up with pretty good seats for the 118th Annual Rose Parade (thanks to Joanna and Crystal who got up at 5am to find them!). Colorado Blvd – one block from Fuller’s campus was the 6 mile parade route. The place was swarming with people, and the parade lived up to its reputation.

My camera battery died, so forgive the grainy images on my flickr page. Hopefully you caught some of it on TV, and if you did, you heard much more about the floats than I could deduce on the sidelines. Yet it was amazing to SEE the details and flowers up close!

Last Saturday through a connection at my home church, I got in on a VIP tour as the floats were being built. I tried to volunteer to help (most floats are put together with volunteer help), but they really didn’t need anymore help that late in the game. It’s such a big deal down here! It’s neat to see the entire community buzz around the event. Very cool!


3 Responses to “Rose Parade”

  1. thepearlady Says:

    What an experience to just be there in person, and the VIP treatment – bonus! Thanks for sharing the pictures…how unfortunate your camera had to conk out at that time (had that happen to me…a bummer). Still, it’s some very cool sights to see, indeed. 🙂

  2. workinprogress81 Says:

    Okay, the Star Wars floats and marching band is about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!

  3. designministry Says:

    I know! But seeing George Lucas was pretty cool too. He was the parade grand marshall. I heard he had a few couple hundred people from his fan club come march in the parade as the storm troopers, and other characters, etc. Pretty awesome!

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