Have you ever walked a labyrinth?


I recommend it if you haven’t. A spiritual practice dating back … well further than rush hour commutes, denominations, and the printed word. A simple journey – in, center, out. Prayers along the way, and the experience of feeling lost in the maze of lines, peace in the center, and fulfillment and clarity on the way out.

I’ve walked a labyrinth once in Norwich, England, and have been wanting to get to Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. There they have an indoors and outdoors version available for the public. I finally made it the day before Christmas Eve. Since there was a Christmas service inside, I walked the one outside, which had good insight for me.

I walked in, sat down in the center for a minute, and started to walk out. A couple stop me as ask to take their families’ picture.

“We’re not interrupting your…uh…process or anything are we?”

Chuckling I said, “No, it’s part of the journey.”

I continued to keep walking as the service at the cathedral let out, and I was surrounded by kids running the labyrinth. The craziness of life surrounding me on the journey was a potent point. Flexibility to be mindful of those around me, and my own path – not one to the exclusion of the other, but both together.

Again, if you haven’t walked one, I suggest it if you get the chance. Or you can buy one: Ikea has a rug right now with the design printed on it. Yet walking the real thing is pretty amazing.


One Response to “Have you ever walked a labyrinth?”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    woah thats really cool.. i’ve never heard of those.. i’ll have to check them out if i’m ever in Norwich or San Francisco!

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