Done. Next!

Some stats from quarter one:

3 classes
1 hard drive crash
bought 15 books
borrowed 2
checked out 20
at least 1 cup of coffee a day
took 2 midterms
wrote 7 book reviews
2 term papers: 13 and 8 pages
took 2 finals
all in 11 weeks

Towards the end, I just buckled down and get through the quarter. Now that I have and all the work is done, I don’t know quite what to do with myself…

I have grand visions of starting reading for next quarter, catching up freelance design work, painting, hiking, sleeping, cooking, baking (where is that coming from?), all while seriously relaxing.

Well… I’ve got plenty of time. My schedule for next quarter is a bit unique with my first class not starting until January 22nd in Park City, Utah (regular classes start January 2nd). I’m going to the Sundance Film Festival, which is also Fuller’s TC588: Theology, Film and Culture: Engaging Independent Film. I don’t need to say what an amazing opportunity that will be.

My other classes next quarter are not so dramatic, but will enrich the Sundance experience. I’ll be taking Theology and Culture and New Testament 2: Acts through Revelation. I’l also be auditing Church in Missions.

To start to engage independent films before I head to Utah, I’ve signed up for Blockbuster Online. There are so many independent films I haven’t seen, that I’ll take advantage of some time off to catch up. I just watched Whale Rider, which is a new favorite. It’s a modern story of a young girl, her tribe in New Zealand, and the struggle to become who she is clearly meant to be – a leader of her people. It was amazing.

I’d be really interested to hear of any movie suggestions, particularly films that have had an impact on you recently.


2 Responses to “Done. Next!”

  1. Peg Powell Says:

    Kirsten, I really liked Born Into Brothels (great for photographers) and Rabbit-Proof Fence. I think one of those is in the independent category. I love having access to the documentary genre. There have been many interesting ones. Let me know if you find some real winners.

    Maria, Full of Grace
    Touching the Void
    Bend it Like Beckham
    Pieces of April


  2. designministry Says:

    Thanks Peggy! I just saw Born into Brothels, and it was amazing! Makes me want not just to pick up my camera, but use it as that couple did. I haven’t heard of Rabbit-Proof Fence or Touching the Void. I’ll have to add them to my que.

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