Quotable 2

“The journey is my home.”
-Muriel Rukeyser, poet

God is opening my eyes to several different themes running through my life: mainly accepting the past journeys in my life are who I am, my home. I can accept that my one day trip to Brugge, Belgium in 2001 was not a strange episode of long-ago past travels tagged on to the end of my study abroad in England. Instead its part of a collage of who I am today as much as my life here in Pasadena is right now.

I’m also developing some thoughts on creativity as I’ve been doing research for a paper over at the Art Center College of Art and Design. In once sentence, to be creative, one must be in an environment that fosters it. I think I might take to studying in their library where students are sketching at the tables next to me with both pencils and electronic tablets connected to their computers. It makes a part of me come alive to be around creatives, just as my spiritual journey is alive at Fuller. But what does that mean to live what feels like a fragmented life?

Anyway, more on this when I get through finals and can breathe again…


One Response to “Quotable 2”

  1. Jamie Fehr Says:

    The Journey is My Home


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