Reflection > Thurs Week 10

Today’s class was the last of the quarter, and week 10 is over.

Bolger talked more about the Global Information Economy I posted about yesterday. He brought in a missional approach to this new shift, and shared a few thoughts of his own in identifying “space” and “place”. For instance, if we happen to be sitting next to each other on a bus, we’d be sharing the physical location of the bus, or “place.” But if I was listening to my iPod, and not paying any attention to you, we wouldn’t be sharing the same mental engagement or “space”.

Right now, we are sharing the same “space” as you’re reading my blog and thoughts, but we are not in the same physical “place”. Kinda make sense?

I think this is so interesting, and I love that Bolger was addressing how to bring the church and gospel into these “space” areas – not deem them as apart from the church experience which can only be defined by “place”.

This immediately got me thinking, what would the gospel look like on Flickr? And this doesn’t mean starting a “Christian” photo group (that would get away from a missional approach more meant to transform this culture of photo sharing – although I have started one to connect Avant missionaries and their photos). Instead, this would be looking to join in what the holy spirit is already doing in the community there among the nonbelievers. I mentioned in class that it’s already changed the way I take photos (by creating photo sets and joining groups of people who take like images – anything from out of a plane window, orange flowers, local photos, to my favorite, “Looking at looking at art” etc.). Perhaps a photo group simple titled, “neighbor” and letting people share photos of the people close to where they live. Perhaps this would redeem the maliciously intended I Hate My Neighbor group.

Huh, interesting stuff. I feel like we were just got going, and now the class is over. I really want to continue dialoguing about Jesus in light of not just postmodern, but this global informational economy too. I’m really wondering how being so attached to computers, networks and wires will effect our spirituality. I’m planning on auditing Bolger’s Church in Mission next quarter, so we’ll see what that class covers…

Thanks for bearing with me as I brought school work directly my blog, and I hope there was something in some of these posts that spoke to you!


One Response to “Reflection > Thurs Week 10”

  1. wess Says:

    Cool – I am glad you’re thinking about being in the winter class, it should be sweet!

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