Reflection > Tues week 9

We talked about modernity, and the guiding principles found in something called the McDonaldization Thesis (Weber):
• Efficiency
• Calculability
• Predictability
• Control.

Hmm, sounds nice and comfortable, right?

Interesting that one sociologist, Rizter, added the dichotomy: irrationality of the rational. Meaning, the application of control can actually create more irrational results than there were to start, defeating the initial purpose.

This has so many applications in our world. It was a bit taken aback to hear that Rizter had not even thought how his dichotomy played out in the faith/religious sphere when approached by Christian scholars (I think John Draine). These two spoke on what sounded like a panel addressing this question, here at Fuller. It would have been really interesting to hear that conversation. Sound like Ritzer holds a pessimistic view with no answers, but this is at the heart of what the emerging church is addressing > can we control or quantify faith/church? Or is it more holistic?


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