Reflection > Tues week 8

[note: I some how left this reflection in my drafts folder instead of publishing it! It’s out of order, and not so much apicable inlight of the new material we’re looking at (and strangly foreshadows the time of prayer we spent during the next class period…hmm…) Anyway I’m posting it late since it is part of the my journey through the class…]

Honestly? The content in Transforming Contemporary Cultures isn’t so groundbreaking now that I’ve been hearing it for eight weeks. Or rather, let me rephrase… it’s still very groundbreaking, but I’m loosing my fresh ears to hear it for what it is. This makes me a bit sad. *Insert prayer for renewal*

One thing that did stand out was the emerging faith isn’t limited to Christianity. There are about 10 emerging Jewish communities around the country. Bolger was at a conference of Christian and Jew emerging folks, and it sounded fascinating. I guess it speaks to changes in society effecting the way we all approach religion and faith.


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