Reflection > Tues week 10

I get so fired up about the modern/postmodern shift, it was a bit overwhelming to hear were are already looking ahead of postmodern to the next shift, the ‘Information Economy’.

Bolger mentioned these three will probably coexist (Modern, Postmodern (or 2nd modernity), and Information Economy). But the later addresses interesting dilemma that I find personally in my own life that I didn’t realize was already categorized.


Seemingly mundane things such as the shift to digital cameras from film. We love the ability to take multiple photos with the capacity to store the information. Before this inovation, a roll of film and expense of processing were limiting factors. After touring major sites in Europe over the past two years, I’d almost hesitate to pull out my camera with the sheer number of people around me doing the same thing. I actually was moved to start capturing people photographing things. I can’t help but wonder, is this futile and ridiculous? What will we do with all of this information we’re creating? I had to go out and buy a 400MB GB external hard-drive.

Also, the need for computer know-how with almost every job today, and the dependancy on an IT staff to maintain this infrastructure hit home. I came to class frustrated from an unsuccessful attempt to connect to a server in Kansas City for my work with Avant Ministries. I spent a good amount of time on the phone with the IT guy to try and make it work, but we couldn’t resolve it. I’ll either need to find someone specialized to help me sort out the issue, or create a workaround to handle the original need to streamline the creative process of producing a magazine.

All this to say, I (and you too if you’re reading this) are already seeped in the information economy. I wonder what this will that hold for faith and the church? In the practice of being in relationship of God, it is so vital to shake busyness, unplug and step away to connect with God.


2 Responses to “Reflection > Tues week 10”

  1. Jamie Fehr Says:

    I’m sorry, but you got ripped off, I don’t know if you’ll be able to put more than a roll of film on your new 400MB external drive. You’d have been better off buying something that measured in GB. But on a side note, I know how you feel, I no longer have the desire to take pictures for the sake of having a picture, it needs to have some purpose, something that would make me stop and think.

  2. designministry Says:

    Whoops, typo! I meant 400GB. That would have been a worthless investment to just get 400MB. Oh my … keeping up with this new lingo could be another entry in itself. Thanks Jamie!

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