Lost in dead week

Journey on the mythic river of Acheron to the land of the dead… at least for a week. Dead week is here, and while the destination of Finals is not Hades, it sure feels like it. The timing, following a holiday weekend of travel, is harsh. The pressure, building with the growing list of what’s due, is setting in.

This is enough to 1. keep me up at night, and contrastingly pose a problem as it 2. makes me crave sleep to get through the amount of work I have to do.

This just means the pressures aren’t close enough to forgo the necessity of shut-eye completely (although I’m hoping this is an undergrad habit of days gone by – we’ll see). Right now, I’m in a painful pace where my brain juices seem to be either flowing intently in paper production mode, or … not flowing at all. In class this morning, the discipline to focus and filter lecture content in coherent notes was tremendous. Ironically the topic was apocalyptic prophetic literature.

Oh, the end is so so near. Give me hope oh Lord, that this quarter will pass and usher me out of the wilderness and trial of finals and into the victory of winter break!


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