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Some friends up in Chico have started a blog to discuss Politics, Economics, Society and the Environment. A tall order, but they’re going for it and it’s cool to follow the group as they pool their passions and collective knowledge, wit and experience. (The blog is literally called, “Not the Name”, which will change at some point, but I secretly wish it’ll stick! Reminds me of Klien’s ‘No Logo’ book title!)

Anyway, this is relevant to class, I promise. They posted on Buy Nothing day, and I left a comment that touched on a new perspective I’d gotten from Wess during the Culture Jam Book discussion. The Adbusters content and Culture Jamming objectives are about being against, boycotting and protesting. Now, that’s good and fine (minus destruction of property or violence), but it begs the question…what are we for?

So what if I don’t buy anything for a day? Will that have any impact when I head out to shop the 364 other days of the year? Wess mentioned he and his wife try to be intentional about how and where they shop, eat out, etc. Do they practice good business, treat their workers and producers fairly, serve organic and local foods, etc.?

The light bulb is starting to go on a bit. I’m realizing it’s ok and good to be against something, but it’s even more important to know what you’re for and live it.


One Response to “Reflection > Thurs Week 8”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Good point! That is so true.

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