Joshua Tree

JT Landsape

The Subaru, myself and two new friends from Fuller explored Joshua Tree National Park on Saturday. It was pretty exciting, because for some reason, I’ve really wanted to go see Joshua Tree for the past few years. I bought an annual pass at the gate since I had a hunch I’d love it, and I’m glad I did – I’ll definitely be back! It’s amazing in its humbleness – just dessert and rock, but some of the coolest cactus and rock formations I’ve seen!

It's eating me!

Lunch spot

The Joshua Trees do steal the show. Turns out their name was coined by Mormon settlers. According to the National Parks page, “Legend has it that these pioneers named the tree after the biblical figure, Joshua, seeing the limbs of the tree as outstretched in supplication, guiding the travelers westward. ”

Anyway if you get a chance, check the park out. If not, here are my photos of just some the 5.5 million Joshua Trees in the park not to mention some amazing rock formations too … pretty cool! I had fun playing photo editor this morning, so there is a mix of color and black and white.


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