Reflection > Tues week 7

Bolger told the story of the very innovative church service in England that was completely native to the club scene back in the early 1990’s (read his Emerging Churches book to get the full story). He also made a remark in class about a group of believers that shows up to Burning Man to be a presence there.

I’m starting to wonder about the value of getting out of the pews and into holistic worship – use the whole body. There is something so powerful about dancing in a club, or joining a community in the dessert away from cement jungles. Droves of people my age are responding, going, and experiencing a spiritual encounter at these events (I think they also might respond deeply to real fellowship, kindness and love, but that’s another story…)

So… turns out our culture is clamoring for spirituality right in-front of our eyes. Could be God stirring in their hearts? Ding ding ding. “But churches are empty,” we realize…”The world must be going to hell!”

What if we just need a new set of eyes? Will we step out of our own viewpoint to join God in what he’s already doing at this junction of spiritual hunger and culture? Where the people ARE, not where the AREN’T?

Hmm, now where is that Power Practice and Redemption Methodology worksheet? It’s time to get missional!


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