Once again, Apple sets the bar and we all follow

I’m starting to develop this theory that Apple is taking over our creative and visual environment with their ads and products – simply because they’re so good there’s little else to do but copy them.
The Christian realm is jumping on the bandwagon too – see the parody’s of the Mac vs. PC ads below. Clever… (I saw these here on the YSMarko blog, written by Mark Oestreicher with Youth Specialties.)

These are great parody’s and good fun, well done. Perhaps I should end this post there, and take these just for what they are – fun. But I’m a bit frustrated … this is yet another reminder we’re using someone else’s vehicle/structure to get across our own message about what it means to follow Jesus. Hmm … just a thought.


One Response to “Once again, Apple sets the bar and we all follow”

  1. kirsten Says:

    those are interesting… I do agree with you though.

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