Reflection > Tues week 6

Class deviated from lecture and my fingers and laptop got a break today. We broke up in groups to talk about different practices of Jesus, and my group focused on Jesus’ as a prophet (others were Jesus and family, peoplehood, time, etc.)

In joking around, John Stewart came up as being prophetic, followed by a round of laughter. A clip came to my mind of Jim Wallis on the Daily Show talking about his book, God’s Politics. I remembered that Wallis made the connection to Stewart’s humor as indicative in the tradition of Hebrew prophets, and he encouraged this in Stewart. I mentioned this thought in my group, and just found the segment on the Comedy Central site (only viewable with PC, Mac users can install flip4mac).

I also found an excerpt from Wallis’ blog about his interaction with Stewart, specifically the connection between prophet and humor.

Jon Stewart seemed actually touched by the inscription I wrote in his book, “The biblical prophets used humor and truth-telling to help make their point – often satirizing the political leaders of the day. You do both very well and may be in the tradition of those Hebrew prophets.” Sitting there after the segment, we talked more and again I felt his keen interest in this connection between spirituality and social change. While Stewart described himself as “secular,” I told him there was a moral edge to what he does and encouraged him to keep on. We both expressed a desire to stay in contact.

The full entry is the last one on this page, dated January 24th.


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