Reflection > Thurs Week 5

There were many good nuggets from class:

• there is no secular
Talking about God’s presence is all realms of society – that there is no part that’s separate from faith or God, hence secular. Pretty mind blowing with the way our culture is so segregated “christian” and “non” or “at church” and “not at church”.

• silence means support
Bolger mentioned a personal struggle of his silence being taken as support when he listens to others, and doesn’t voice his view points when they differ. Oh man, I totally related. It was encouraging to hear someone else struggles with this as well.


One Response to “Reflection > Thurs Week 5”

  1. kirsten Says:

    I remember learning point number one in one of my classes at JBU.. That really helped change how I view things – seeing christianity as a way of life, not just a flat division of everything (art, music, movies, books.. ) between what is “Christian” and what is “secular” .

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