Reflection > Thurs Week 3

In a class wide discussion on Transforming the Powers, someone asked why there was so much built around just Wink’s work, and doesn’t that seem a little dangerous to just use Wink and the Bible as primary sources? (Dang it, why don’t I think of these good questions?)

Bolger pointed to absence of Jesus as a central figure in the last 200 years or so of church culture/dialogue. The 20th century saw, and we’ll continue to see, a big shift with scholars like Wink and Stassen, (who wrote Kingdom Ethics and Living the Sermon on the Mount, and who’s also Fuller faculty btw) in pointing to the “third way” in Jesus. Interesting.

That begs the question, what are we ignoring this time around? Perhaps reverence for truth that fundamentals hold to so tightly, and postmoderns flee … ?


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