Reflection > Thurs Week 2

I learned a new word today: hegemony.

My oxford dictionary says it means: “leadership or dominance, esp. by one country or social group over others.”

Bolger broke it down as structure of the relationship between those controlling and those being controlled. This is not a conscious act, but a negotiation back and forth. It made more sense when I thought about medieval feudal city-states where the lords offered protection from attacks in return for control of their serfs. In today’s culture, hegemony is a bit more ambiguous.

As I type this, scenes from the TV show Lost (which premiered last night) are coming to mind. The “others” on the island held Jack, Kate and the other guy (what’s his name?) in very different locations and circumstances. Their control of these people, or hegemony, was not just physical, but mental. Viewers are thrown in to the process of trying to figure it out with the main characters. It’ll be interesting to see where the season goes (And also to take pause and reflect that perhaps this show itself is a form of hegemony upon viewers like me from ABC executives and their sponsors…).


2 Responses to “Reflection > Thurs Week 2”

  1. Jamie Fehr Says:

    Thanks for the spoiler, some of us are really into Lost and are currently living far away from being able to watch it. But really, thanks for the new word.

  2. designministry Says:

    Oops, sorry Jamie. I don’t think I gave too much away though. You’ll still be on the edge of your seat, no worries.

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