hard drive dive

You always hear, “Back up  your files! Back up your files!” It never hits home until something happens to YOU.

Well, it happened to ME yesterday – my hard drive failed. I noticed it was humming a bit louder than normal, then running really slow, then not starting up, and finally not responding to a press of the power button.

Thankfully there’s an Apple store in Pasadena with a Genesis Bar – where you can take wayward mac equipment to be looked at my Mac Genesis (that’s actually their title – I saw Joe’s business card, who worked on my computer).

So my laptop is on it’s way to Houston to get a new hard drive, and I’m left with my head spinning wondering exactly what I’ve lost. I did a full back up of my fundraising stuff, Avant files and design portfolio files in April, so I should have most everything but these past few months. I rescued my pictures, and I back up contact, calendar, financial info, and browser bookmarks every week on my ipod, so I think I’m coming out relatively unscathed. I did start taking my laptop to class this week, and lost one class meeting of all three classes of notes, but thankfully it’s just week one – not week ten before finals.

The new hard drive and cost of repair is covered by Apple Care – an insurance like-investment that just paid for itself. I’m out a laptop for a week, but thankfully have my trusty G4 tower I used through out college as a back up. It’s just runs at 400mz, and has 512mb memory, but I’m grateful to have something to fall back on.

I told my roommate I feel like it’s a best case of a worst case scenario. But my lesson is learned, and I’m off to Fry’s to get an external hard drive – something I needed anyway as I’m constantly getting the “startup disk is almost full” message. I even thought about getting one a few weeks ago when I was making the move down here, but convinced my self I couldn’t afford it quite yet. Wrong.


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